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When we design your website – our mission is to attract the right viewers, establish trust, and connect you with your ideal clients.

These key marketing principles take shape as professional design, seamless performance, and search engine optimization.

With these pieces are in place, your website begins behaving like a lead generating machine – something you can count upon to contribute to the success of your business year after year.


Evergreen Bio Innovations home page

We needed a professional web designer to build our website in a way that would be attractive to our clients, with future plans to add e-commerce and membership features. Ryan was able to get the first stage of the website built in a way that will support more complex features as we need them. He also took everything we wanted to accomplish and helped us put it in an order that makes the most sense. The first stage of the website has been a big success, and we're excited for what lies ahead!

Alan Dolick

Sales Representative, Evergreen Bio Innovations


Ryan did a great job of taking my outdated website and giving it a fresh redesign. He was communicative and helpful throughout the process, keeping to his deadlines and delivering a much more professional looking website than what we had previously. The new site looks wonderful!

Marguerite Xenopoulos

Researcher, Xenopoulos

Village Dental Care Landing Page Image

I've been working with Ryan over the past few months to get our new website built and launched. We are very pleased with the design and Ryan has also been very helpful in training us in how to maintain the website ourselves. He was easy to work with and also provided content marketing training that we are very excited to implement!

Magda Kapuscik

Village Dental Centre


Thank you for creating us a new Treescape website! Ryan was a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend hiring Butter Web Design for any of your website needs!!!

Andrew Smit

General Manager, Treescape Canada


We are in the business of leveraging professional design to maximize ROI for our clients, so it was important for our website to be designed with high aesthetic appeal. Ryan’s delivered exactly what we were looking for: a clean, modern, website that does a great job of representing us online. He also integrated a passive growth email marketing campaign which will help bring awareness to our product offerings. We are very excited to be opening up new income streams through our website!

Katie Golec

White Pine Properties


I reached out to Ryan at Butter Web Design after my previous web designer just wasn’t working out. I was impressed with Ryan’s level of commitment to my website redesign, his ability to listen, and his ability to deliver a finished website that was well beyond my expectations. I am very happy with the work, highly recommended!

Joe Yalkezian

Cobourg Tax


Our production company needed a web designer to get our website to line up better with our vision. Ryan did a great job of customizing everything for us, and we now we have a site that does a much better job of showcasing our work. He also taught us how to make updates to the website ourselves which will make things a lot more convenient moving forward.

Rob Viscardis

Producer, Editor and Director, Paradigm Pictures

We've won awards for design and consistently feature in magazines in our industry, so our website needed to convey the same level of perfection we're known for. I am extremely pleased with how it all came together, thank you for the excellent work!

Peter Telford

Owner, Hawthorn Creek Building


Ryan did a great job on our new website for Stirling Dental Centre. We are now able to log in and make updates ourselves, and Ryan is also very responsive when we reach out for help with specific tasks. Highly recommended!

Lauren Allen

Stirling Dental Centre


Ryan is extremely thorough, knowledgeable, professional and is all around great to work with. We are delighted with his work on our website, and the whole process has been seamless. Would highly recommend.

Workforce Development Board

During my first meeting with Butter Web Design it was clear that they were the right choice. My website required a lot of moving parts, but they knew how to put everything in place to make it run smoothly. We’re excited to be launching our business this summer and so glad to have Butter’s team supporting us on the website side!

Alina Stewart

Owner, Honest Grade Meats

I hired Butter Web Design to build a website for my artwork and to develop streams of traffic using social media. Ryan quickly understood the unique nature an artist website, and created a bold, effective site. My new website does a great job of capturing my style as an artist while doubling as a publishing platform. I’m now able to reach a wider audience!

James Matheson

Fine Artist

The Peterborough Ultimate League hired Butter to rebuild the website and it was a total success. They were engaged right from the first meeting and were a pleasure to deal with throughout the entire process. The feedback we’ve been getting has been outstanding. Thank you for your outstanding efforts!

Jocelyne Stone

Operations, Peterborough Ultimate League

Butter did a superb job of working alongside our design firm to bring our concepts to life. I would happily recommend them to any client.

Lucas Ridgeway

Director, Exhibit Design

Ryan and his team were excellent in every aspect of our website rebuild. The personal touch that they brought was outstanding. They went above and beyond our expectations. Thanks to the team at Butter Web Design our website is now up to date and is compatible with today’s mobile technology.
Thanks again to Ryan and his team.


Technician, Peterborough Battery

Our website was quite dated when we contacted Butter Web Design to redo it. Our guys are just too busy to look after the website, so it’s great having Butter do updates for us. We’ve been with them for years now, and very happy with the service they provide.

Bev Packman

Administration, OTS Engineering

We hired Butter because they have a great reputation, and for good reason. They went the extra mile to automate our lead generation process, saving time and repetitive manual work on my end. Our new website is in a totally different league than what we had before.

Shawn Senior

Owner, Craig Containers

I was referred to Ryan by a colleague who had also hired him for brand identity and web design. Ryan is fast and responsive, and did a great job on both my logo and website design. Thanks.

Karl Galbraith

Founder and CISO, Galbraith & Associates Inc.


Ryan did a fantastic job redesigning our company website and training our team how to navigate the back end. He helped us streamline an overwhelming website to something slick and easy to use. He also was very patient as our priorities and deadlines shifted a number of times with the pandemic starting mid development. You can check out his handiwork here self-reg.ca

Liz Shepherd

Director, Operations, MEHRIT Centre


For our travel and tourism company, Outdoor Ecuador, SEO is a big deal because we rely heavily on being able to attract international clients to our physical location. Fortunately, Ryan is very knowledgeable when it comes to optimizing websites for specific keywords, and the website is performing so much better than our old one! It also looks great and is a dream for our marketing team to maintain. Thank you Ryan for an amazing job we all are extremely thankful and happy to the great outcomes already!!!

Ivonne Malave

Owner/Manager, Outdoor Ecuador


I hired Ryan to build a simple website for my mechanical contracting business, and he did a great job with a quick turnaround.

Steve Latto

Boulder Mechanical Contracting


Butter Web Design turned out to be a great fit for my project of starting up my business web page. At first, I was a bit unsure of where to come up with all the text and content for the website – but thankfully, Ryan made that part of the process painless. He took what general information I had and reorganized it all into a clean and professional layout, which made it easy for me to go through and provide any feedback. The whole process was very straightforward, and now my company’s website looks excellent. Thanks Ryan! Job well done!

Tom Drouillard


Ryan was able to work wonders on a pretty tight turnaround time, and pitched in on content creation for our website as well. He was a pleasure to work with and I’d happily recommend him for anyone looking for a good, local web designer.
Maria Gomez



My local ICF contracting company needed a straightforward website to help us with online leads, brand recognition and overall presence. Butter Web Design delivered a really professional website that represents my company perfectly and is already generating a lot of business for us. Thank you!

Mike Pritchard

Pritchard Builds

Butter Web Design was highly responsive and efficient in reworking our website. We wanted something much more attractive and marketable, which is exactly what we got. We love it!
Michael Bertelsen

Churchill Polar bear Photography Tours

We really wanted our new website to have a specific look to it, and Ryan captured the aesthetic perfectly. Great work!!
Jennifer Robinson

Mortlock Construction

Different Matters Website Design

Ryan and I started by establishing the right look, feel, and messaging for my consulting website. In terms of design, it was important that my website didn't look like everyone else's - and after a couple iterations, Ryan delivered a unique website that really breaks the mold in my industry. He is as prompt, reliable, and effective a web designer as I've yet to meet. Highly recommended!

Todd Attridge

Owner, DifferentMatters


None of us are all that tech-savvy, so it was very helpful to have Ryan on board to take care of the website for us. He’s available to do work whenever we need it, and he also showed us how to make simple updates to the website ourselves. What a difference it has made to have a professional we can count on!

Buckhorn Welcome Centre


My business was starting to grow, and I decided we needed a professional website that drives in business. I found Butter Web Design based on his very positive reviews, and am now happy to write one of my own!

Ryan is very professional, and very well versed in not only web design but marketing as well. It really helped to have someone that understands small business.

Our site is amazing and has driven in enough sales to pay for itself already!!

Thanks so much, Butter Web Design, and look forward to working with you and your team on all future projects.

Cory Rawn

Business Owner, 123 HVAC


Butter Web Design did an exceptional job in bringing my website to life. They listened to my needs throughout the process, and were effective in executing on my requests. I will be working with Butter to continue to streamline my website as my business evolves and our services begin catering to a more niche audience. Thanks for the great work so far!

Tracy Verge

Principal Designer & Project Manager, Verge Build Design


I contacted Butter about building me a website and was impressed with their understanding of web design and marketing a business online. I was very pleased with both the quality and speed of their work.

Nancy Nickle

Owner, Birchview Design

Blueridge Pallet Landing Page

We wanted our website to look more professional, and to have more search engine presence than it formerly had as a Wix site. Ryan covered all of the bases with our redesign and provided us with top-notch service throughout the entire process. We're very happy with Butter Web Design and would recommend to anyone looking for a professional website and SEO!

Sammi Kephart

Blue Ridge Pallet


So happy with Butter Web Design! We reached out to Ryan to see if he could help us solve an urgent website matter - and he solved it that day. We are impressed with the tenacity Ryan showed in handling the obstacles that surfaced along the way to reaching a permanent solution.

Ben Samann

Owner and Founder, Viamede

NOS-NNP Landing Page

I hired Butter Web Design to build a website for a new government-adjacent entity. Ryan was a pleasure to work with, always quick to respond and attentive throughout the project. He did an excellent job on our website and we've been getting amazing feedback so far! I could not recommend him enough.

Liz Thompson


Ryan at Butter Web Design went the extra mile to ensure the design of Cambium’s new website met and exceeded our expectations. He is reliable and always available when you need help.

Crystal Porteous

Marketing Coordinator, Cambium Inc.

Butter Web Design built our website a few years ago and continue to maintain it today. They listened to my needs as a boutique canoe outfitter, and designed a custom shopping experience that helps me sell my items online. I’ve found Butter Web Design to be prompt in handling my changes whenever I’ve needed them, and I’m always very satisfied with their work.

Dick Persson

Owner, Buckhorn Canoe Company

We got Butter Web Design to rebuild our website and had a great response from our customers and staff. A+ work – thanks guys! We also use them to update our site on a regular basis – as they offer incredible design and great service!

Jordan Ward

Owner, Creative Landscape Depot

The Dennis Group home page

Ryan was a pleasure to work with during the redesign of The Dennis Group website. He took the time to understand our vision and was able to bring it to life as a website we’re very excited about. Our firm holds a high standard for our work, and we found Ryan to be diligent and patient in delivering just that… despite quite a long revision process!

Tracey Blodgett

Communications & Fundraising Consultant, The Dennis Group

We hired Butter Web Design to rebuild the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough website and, despite being quite a large project with several detours, it all came together quite nicely. Thanks to Ryan and his team for being so conscientious and patient with us and we look forward to continuing to work together - maintaining the site and building on the great work!

Todd Barr

Interim Director, Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough


We really wanted a brand new, vibrant website with bright colours and for it to be something that evoked the feeling of joy and wanderlust (as we are a travel agency). We love what Ryan came up with! The website is also much easier to update than it was before, and Ryan has been a great help during the actual rebuild as well as making ongoing updates as we’ve needed them.

Arleigh Elson

Business Development, Training & Marketing, BST Vacations


I highly recommend hiring Ryan to create your webpage – he is responsible, on time, reliable, does an amazing job and he’s super personable!

Lori Green

Owner, Lori Green Massage

My company has grown significantly in the past 10 years, and we needed a new website to take our online marketing to the next level. The website that Butter designed for us is unrivalled in our industry. 

Derek Julian

Owner, Wood By Design


Ryan was wonderful to work with, he built a bottom up website for our Cannabis Retail business and we couldn’t be happier with the result. He made sure the design of the website fit with our corporate branding and was able to seamlessly integrate an e-commerce platform as well as full SEO compliance. I highly recommend Butter Web Design to anyone looking to have a website designed and built.

Michael Santos

Owner, Sparq

I needed a quick turnaround on a logo and website for my new cyber security corporation, and Ryan delivered. It looks great and I’m getting positive feedback already. Thanks for the great work!

Steve Bowers

Founder and Principal Consultant, The Blue Team Cyber Security

I had worked with several web designers and was discouraged with my website not being finished. Everything changed when I hired Butter. They did a great job on my website and handle ongoing updates with speed and efficiency. 

Kristen Destounis

Owner, Forbidden Pleasures

Butter Web Design rebuilt our website and made big improvements to how it looks and performs for us. It does a far better job of representing our company online, and saves our teams time by routing prospects to the correct representatives on our end.

Dan Robinson

Operations, Leveque Bros.

I really can’t say how glad I am I went with Butter Web Design. They genuinely do listen and take what you want, and figure out how to translate that into a beautiful site that can stand out.

Nathan Mills

Owner, Carrizma Auto Tinting & Protection

Butter Web Design really worked hard to understand exactly what we were trying to do, not only with the website, but with the business as a whole. Everything they did was in line with our central vision – to attract bigger and better clients, so our business could grow.

Jacob Conlin

Owner, Conlin Premier Construction

Butter Web Design was extremely professional and friendly to work with. They do a great job with their design and were open to working with outside contributors. They took our specific ideas and were able to put them into action. Super happy with their work!

Carlie Russelle

Designer, Triple T Holdings

Butter Web Design made the website building process incredibly easy and helped us to create a fresh, modern and more effective website. They offered valuable suggestions that will continue to enhance the user experience.

Carley Haughey

Marketing Coordinator, Medgar Inc.

I hired Ryan to redesign my website with the purpose of increasing business leads in the Peterborough area. Ryan’s communication was excellent throughout the process, and I’m very happy with how everything turned out.

Bill Sherman

Owner, Ashes Away Chimney Service

Author website design

Great communicator, great design, awesome flexibility. It was great working with Ryan. Would highly recommend Butter Web Design for your next project. My project changed and evolved over the time it took to complete and Ryan was always helpful with next steps. Thanks!

Jon Phillips

Author, Eternity Project Blog


I hired Butter Web Design to build as website for my new Naturopathic Clinic here in Peterborough, and they did a great job! I have the ability to make changes to the website myself, and they are always available to take care of updates when I don’t have time. They also brought my attention to clever methods of building my monthly organic traffic, which has really helped us build our online presence. Thanks Butter!

Dr. Richa Grover

Naturopathic Doctor, Horizon Family Naturopathic Clinic


Ryan at Butter Web Designs has been great to work with. No question was too small or too intricate for him to answer. Response to questions was quick and understandable. Highly recommend.

Jacqui McCloy Pell

Phantasia Bead Art


Ryan did a great job redoing our website and making sure we’d be able to transition to making more of our sales online through the pandemic. The new website has been working wonderfully!

Jill Staples

Staples Maple Syrup

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