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Quality Web Design in Peterborough

We create beautiful websites for peterborough businesses. Every website we build is designed to rank at the top of Google. And for 7 years now, we've kept our clients' websites up to date, looking sharp, and bringing in new leads. We'd love to do the same for you.

Unlimited Updates

You have a company to run, and your time is precious. Don't waste it trying to tackle your website on your own. This is your chance to delegate all website matters to us. Whenever your website needs updating, we're on it.

The Best Possible Website

We make the best websites around, period. When you hire us to build and maintain your website, you benefit from having an expert on hand at all times, for a flat rate. No matter what comes your way, we have your back.

Get The #1 Spot In Google

We leverage the newest technologies with the primary goal of positioning your website as #1 in Google. Being mobile-friendly matters more than ever, so we will make sure your website passes Google's Mobile Friendly Test.

A Few Websites We've Designed, and Testimonials

Creative Landscape Depot

Website Design for Creative Landscape Depot

Client Testimonial:

"We got Butter Web Design to rebuild our website and had a great response from our customers and staff. A+ work - thanks guys! We also use them to update our site on a regular basis - as they offer incredible design and great service!"
- Jordan Ward, Owner, Creative Landscape Depot, Waterloo Ontario

Cambium Consulting & Engineering Inc.

Website Design for Cambium Consulting and Engineering

Client Testimonial:

"Ryan at Butter Web Design went the extra mile to ensure the design of Cambium's new website met and exceeded our expectations. He is reliable and always available when you need help."
- Crystal Porteous, Marketing Coordinator, Cambium Inc., Peterborough Ontario


Website Design for Bouw Design

Client Testimonial:

"We had a very specific concept in mind for our new website and needed someone that could collaborate with us in bringing it to life. The end result turned out exactly like we wanted!"
- Lucas Ridgeway, Senior Designer, Bouwdesign, Ottawa Ontario

Craig Containers

Website Design for Craig Containers

Client Testimonial:

"We were hesitant to hire Ryan because we didn't know him and his pricing was over our original budget for the project. But we also didn't want to pay for a cheaper website and then have to redo it in a year. Now that the website is complete, we can see why Ryan charged more - he put a lot of extra work into our website and delivered far more than we expected. For example, Ryan felt strongly that our manufacturing process sent a powerful message about the quality of our carts. So he showed up with recording gear and shot and edited our homepage intro video (which was well beyond the scope of the website itself). That video really makes us stand out and none of our competitors have anything like it."
- Roslyn Senior, Co-Owner, Craig Containers, Peterborough Ontario

Birchview Design

Website Design for Birchview Design

Client Testimonial:

"I contacted Ryan about building me a website and he was able to meet that same day. I was impressed with his understanding of web design and marketing a business online, and was very pleased with both the quality and speed of his work. Ryan continues to maintain my website and is doing an excellent job so far!"
- Nancy Nickle, Owner, Birchview Design, Peterborough Ontario

Medgar Lighting & Controls Inc.

Website Design for Medgar Lighting and Controls inc

Client Testimonial:

"Ryan made the website building process incredibly easy and helped us to create a fresh, modern and more effective website. He helped us to achieve our goals and ideas for the wesbite while working within our budget. He offered valuable suggestions that will continue to enhance the user experience."
- Carley Haughey, Marketing & Project Coordinator, Medgar Lighting & Controls Inc, Burlington Ontario

TIF Group of Companies

Website Design for TIF Transportation Specialists

Client Testimonial:

"Ryan did an EXCELLENT job with our site. He hung in there with us through all the delays and created a beautiful layout. We are getting tons of great feedback."
- Tara S. Renaud, Vice-President, CFO, TIF Group of Companies, Ottawa Ontario

We can build you a brand new website with special attention to extra details designed to automate aspects of your lead-generation process. Or, we can design a simple, elegant website to make you stand out. We'll make the process easy for you.