Frequently Asked Questions

How MUCH Does It Cost To Build A Website?

As with most things custom, our websites cover a range of pricing depending upon the size of the website and the functionality required. Every website we build is mobile-friendly, unique, highly thought out, and holds value longer than generic "out of the box" template websites. Depending on what you need, we can build you a custom coded, mobile optimized, high performance website starting at $6000. Invest in a superior website and gain a lasting edge over your competition.

How LONG Does It Take To Build A Website?

You will play a big role in directing the development of your site, so much of the timeline depends upon how quickly you are able to make style decisions, provide feedback at progress checkpoints, and generate content (text and photos for the website). If we get what we need (photos, contents, etc) from you in the first week then we can have your site built, go through content/layout revisions, and be ready to launch in a matter of weeks. However, most projects take about 2 months.

What OTHER Services Do You Provide?

We specialize in one thing only: web design. We do not do graphic design or any print work whatsoever. Our focus is set exclusively on creating leading-edge websites, and doing it better than anyone else. Our websites are built to the highest standards. We welcome third-party audits of our code and guarantee fast load time, zero layout breaks, and perfect display on mobile phones, computers, and tablets.

How Does PAYMENT Work?

Payment is simple: 50% deposit and 50% on completion. We accept cheque, Interac E-Transfer, and Visa/Mastercard. The thing to remember here is this: we won't quit until you are 100% satisfied with the result. This relentless approach is what sets us apart from most design firms. We deliver like our lives depend upon it.

How Does Your Website SUPPORT Work?

Just like a car, a website requires consistent servicing in order to perform optimally. This ranges from backups and security, to unlimited changes to the website. When you need changes done, just email us and we'll get 'em done pronto! We've heard that our competition takes up to 2 weeks to deliver changes, and will bill hourly to do the work. We charge a flat monthly rate to maintain your website, so the amount you pay never changes. This takes the headache out of having to maintain the website yourself, which can eat up your valuable time. Our plan is always to overdeliver. Read our reviews on Google to get a sense of how our clients feel. No matter what happens, we take care of you and there are no nasty surprise invoices!

Can You Help With SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Yes, absolutely! Getting to the top of Google means everything to the modern company looking to capture the lion's share of their market. We build websites to include important keywords, tags and meta data which helps Google accurately index your website and ultimately position you where you need to be. We also have partnerships with hardcore SEO companies specializing not in web design but in marketing websites after they've been launched in order to aggressively strive for spot #1 in Google.