The Machines Are Taking Over

And that’s a damn good thing because who wants to stare at excel sheets for the rest of their lives when a computer can do it?

Saving time is the best. It’s even better when it’s a computer doing it for you, and simultaneously increasing likelihood of someone actually buying your products. There are all kinds of ways of making our business processes easier by letting computers do more of our work – we just need to get better at asking ourselves what we’re doing that we shouldn’t be.

Clues a given task doesn’t need to be done by you:

The task is repetitive.

The task requires no human judgement.

There are hard rules and absolute outcomes for the process.

One of the strange and awesome side-effects of outsourcing tasks to algorithmic apps (like the Backsaver Finder) is that it improves User Experience (UX). People have fun using intuitive programs to find what they’re after. And that’s the whole name of the game right there. Give your users what they want, and make it as enjoyable as possible.

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