Freshly Launched Website: Craig Containers Inc.

Smell that? It’s a freshly launched website!

The coolest part about this website is the intro video, no doubt about it. In 47 seconds you get a vivid sense of the history and values of Craig Containers – which is to just keep making damn sturdy laundry carts.

Another massive addition to Craig Containers’ online arsenal is the “Products for Home” section. This is exciting because it exposes them to an entirely new market (their old website only showed the industrial stuff).

industrial website categories

I also got heavier into Photoshop than I generally do for a website because everything needed to be on a white background for consistency. This cart was a nightmare, but worth it:

As with most of my sites, I’ve used native Bootstrap hidden classes to show text phone numbers at wider widths (computer screens) and dialer buttons at narrow (mobile) widths. Really hoping this drives up inbound phone calls for these guys!

dialer phone number button


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